Monday, 28 January 2013

Hard Times

Well, times are hard but there is still always a need for new toys. The only legal solution is to do more work or sell some old toys. So what am I selling?

A couple of years ago I picked up a bargain at a 'Warboot' sale. 20 chariots and 134 infantry, all painted to a reasonable standard, for £60. A good mix of Hittites and Syrians/Canaanites. RRP on the chariots alone is £70! There was a few dozen unpainted figures thrown in for good measure too.

Adding them to my existing Hittites meant I could field way over the maxima in the FoG lists for several troop types. As a result a few figures have found themselves on the transfer list; the ebay listings finish on Sunday.

Hittite Kingdom Guards with axes

Neo-Hittite Guards / spearmen (two units of these)

A stray chariot marketed as 'a General' plus some Hittite / Anatolian spearmen

More Hittite / Anatolian spearmen...

Regardless of how much they make, the moneys is already spent in my mind. Roll on Sunday!

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  1. All the auctions finished for a total of £56 + P&P which means that I effectively payed £4 for the 19 painted chariots and the few dozen figures I kept for myself! Result!!