Monday, 31 December 2012

New Rasputina Crew for Malifaux

The latest additions to my Malifaux stable; the boxed Rasputina crew. I kidded myself when I started playing Malifaux that because of the small number of figures required I would push 'my art' to it's limit and paint the figures to the best of my ability. I now say, "Bugger that! Slap on the paint and get them on the table..."

Rasputina herself

An Ice Golem

Ice Gamin
I have plans to expand on this crew but for now will be concentrating on the Guild. I have a Witchling Handler, a Drill Sergeant and a Purifying Flame totem ready to paint with more planned for after. I've also fully assembled the Nicodem boxed set and most of the Lady Justice set but these are on a sideburner for now...

Friday, 28 December 2012

Tyranid Warrior Prime Conversion

I finally finished my Prime for Hive Fleet Geryon. GW don't do a figure for this as yet so I had to convert it from the contents of my bitz box. It's the abdomen, legs and tail from the previous style Hive Tyrant; the thorax and head of a current Warrior and some previous edition monstrous scything talons. There's some sort of gland thingy as a neck too for a little extra height.

It fits right in with the current range and doesn't stick out as a conversion. It's just that little bit bigger than the normal Warriors too, exactly as a Prime should be. I'll probably run him with Toxin Sacs and bring him on with an Outflanking unit. (Hive Commander on Tyrant...)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Club Night 14th December - ACW

We managed to drum up three out of the four players who started the Black Powder ACW game a couple of weeks ago and so got back to business. This was only the second BP game at the club so things were a little slow.

The basic premise behind the game was that there was a larger battle off to one flank and that a Union corp was going to make an outflanking move which would make the Confederate position untenable. A single advance division from each side had been sent to seize a vital road junction to either facilate or block the outflanking move.

I had high hopes for this game: briefing sheets, victory conditions, time limits, special rules / characteristics for the units, etc. but my printer packed up so we just had two small divisions using the stats from the rule book and played using the standard victory rules. C'est la vie...

The table had a road layout like the letter pi and both sides entered the table in march column, travelling up opposite 'legs' of the pi. The cavalry swept ahead to try to reach the junction first with the Rebs winning the race. There was heavy fighting on the central hill where on the whole the Rebs had the advantage. In the town / junction the Yanks eventually bought superior numbers to bear and looked like forcing the Rebs out.

At close of play both armies had 2 broken brigades and held 2/4 town sectors so we called it a draw.

We used 15mm figures from a number of different manufacturers and used cm instead of inches.

Each side had a General, 3 brigades of 3 infantry regts. plus 1 battery, 1 brigade of 2 cavalry regts.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Club Night 7th December - Malifaux

A 15mm ACW game we started last week had to be put on hold due to missing players. Keith and myself had a 35 soul stone Malifaux scrap to fill the void.

He brought the Pandora box set plus Teddy. I had the Sonnia Criid set plus an Executioner and a Convict Gunslinger.

The game was pretty evenly matched for the first couple of turns but in turn 3 Teddy ripped my gunslinger to shreds and Pandora caused my Executioner to flee the board with Mental Anguish. Oh, dear!

Sonnia turned the game back in my favour next turn by incinerating Teddy with two consecutive castings of Flame Burst for 10 damage! -/- damage flip? Moderate, Severe, Red Joker! Bye, Teddy!

Keith was now facing an uphill struggle. None of his crew had got any where near the Treasure objective since Candy was gunned down in turn 2 and I was busy Destroying Evidence left, right and centre. In turn 6 I'd have probably destroyed the last evidence and Staked a Claim (announced) for a 6 -0 VP victory! Keith conceded.

The garish white bases are temporary markers till we get something nicer sorted.

Next week we should finish the ACW battle.

A Sad Tale

466 days ago I downloaded the freemium MMO World of Tanks.  Since then I have played an average of 20.6 battles per day. My Blog was the first casualty of my new addiction and then slowly other areas of my hobby began to wither and die.

Still, I'm back now...