Monday, 31 December 2012

New Rasputina Crew for Malifaux

The latest additions to my Malifaux stable; the boxed Rasputina crew. I kidded myself when I started playing Malifaux that because of the small number of figures required I would push 'my art' to it's limit and paint the figures to the best of my ability. I now say, "Bugger that! Slap on the paint and get them on the table..."

Rasputina herself

An Ice Golem

Ice Gamin
I have plans to expand on this crew but for now will be concentrating on the Guild. I have a Witchling Handler, a Drill Sergeant and a Purifying Flame totem ready to paint with more planned for after. I've also fully assembled the Nicodem boxed set and most of the Lady Justice set but these are on a sideburner for now...

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