Thursday, 20 December 2012

Club Night 14th December - ACW

We managed to drum up three out of the four players who started the Black Powder ACW game a couple of weeks ago and so got back to business. This was only the second BP game at the club so things were a little slow.

The basic premise behind the game was that there was a larger battle off to one flank and that a Union corp was going to make an outflanking move which would make the Confederate position untenable. A single advance division from each side had been sent to seize a vital road junction to either facilate or block the outflanking move.

I had high hopes for this game: briefing sheets, victory conditions, time limits, special rules / characteristics for the units, etc. but my printer packed up so we just had two small divisions using the stats from the rule book and played using the standard victory rules. C'est la vie...

The table had a road layout like the letter pi and both sides entered the table in march column, travelling up opposite 'legs' of the pi. The cavalry swept ahead to try to reach the junction first with the Rebs winning the race. There was heavy fighting on the central hill where on the whole the Rebs had the advantage. In the town / junction the Yanks eventually bought superior numbers to bear and looked like forcing the Rebs out.

At close of play both armies had 2 broken brigades and held 2/4 town sectors so we called it a draw.

We used 15mm figures from a number of different manufacturers and used cm instead of inches.

Each side had a General, 3 brigades of 3 infantry regts. plus 1 battery, 1 brigade of 2 cavalry regts.

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