Sunday, 9 December 2012

Club Night 7th December - Malifaux

A 15mm ACW game we started last week had to be put on hold due to missing players. Keith and myself had a 35 soul stone Malifaux scrap to fill the void.

He brought the Pandora box set plus Teddy. I had the Sonnia Criid set plus an Executioner and a Convict Gunslinger.

The game was pretty evenly matched for the first couple of turns but in turn 3 Teddy ripped my gunslinger to shreds and Pandora caused my Executioner to flee the board with Mental Anguish. Oh, dear!

Sonnia turned the game back in my favour next turn by incinerating Teddy with two consecutive castings of Flame Burst for 10 damage! -/- damage flip? Moderate, Severe, Red Joker! Bye, Teddy!

Keith was now facing an uphill struggle. None of his crew had got any where near the Treasure objective since Candy was gunned down in turn 2 and I was busy Destroying Evidence left, right and centre. In turn 6 I'd have probably destroyed the last evidence and Staked a Claim (announced) for a 6 -0 VP victory! Keith conceded.

The garish white bases are temporary markers till we get something nicer sorted.

Next week we should finish the ACW battle.

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