Friday, 21 June 2013

Scatter Terrain II

I got in from school today and finished the second batch of terrain. It's my first time with rubberised horse hair. Wow! It is SO easy to use and I think it looks very effective too. Sorry Last Valley but I don't think I need you any more...

Some shrubbery with palms or rocks.

Just shrubs.

Everything so far this week. Four evenings work.

Super macro!

I'll be doing more when I can get hold of the MDF cut outs. In the mean time I'm off up the woods with my secateurs to collect the raw materials for some nice new trees. Hopefully I'll be using my own cold dyed flock to make them.

Saga Dark Age action at the club tonight which means I'll have a back log of FIVE (!) Club Nights to post as well as the latest Mbogo progress. Soon...

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