Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Ponsonby's Regiment of Foote

A project embarked on since my last real post, English Civil War in 28mm. My son-in-law is a recent (and enthusiastic) convert to wargaming and I agreed to join him in this endeavour, ECW being something he's always had an interest in.

We went halves on a Warlord Games starter set and a few extra command figures. He painted his very quickly but sad to say I have kept him waiting... :( Still, I have my mojo back, have started to paint again (enjoying it!) And have made some good progress.

Initially at least we're planning on using File Leader as our chosen rule set. Infantry are on 'trays' of six figures representing a company. Our simple regiments will have four trays of musket and two of pike. Officers are based separately.

I painted the first two trays months ago but things stalled as they always do. Anyway, today I finished the musketeers for the other two trays and started the pikemen. I'll base them all at the same time at the end.

I'll get onto those pikemen right now!


  1. Ironic that for the first time in months I have been painting. Excellent work and I look forward to seeing these on the table...soonish.
    On another note...ever heard of a game called Warmachine.? I hear its quite good. I recently picked up some rather nice new figures from my club that a kind soul had glued together for me and it got my juices flowing!

  2. I've got Thyra, Kreoss2 and the Blood of Martyrs to follow the pikemen!