Friday, 19 August 2016

Panzer March! TANKS 15 mm skirmish game

Well, I'm away on holiday in my caravan for three glorious weeks! I've brought plenty of painting with me but a long painting queue was never a barrier to further purchases. We popped into Taunton for the day and I found a fantastic hobby shop, Krackers. I've rarely seen so much crammed into such a small space, with the possible exception of my wargames room back home. As usual there was the psychological battle when faced with RRP prices and the knowledge of the savings available online but decency prevailed, the wallet came out and I did my little bit to keep a bricks and mortar store open.

I walked out with the starter set for the tabletop game Tanks. I tried to purchase this at a show when it was first released but they'd sold out when I returned to the stand later in the day. To increase the replay value I also purchased the Pz IV and StuG III expansions. It took a couple of evenings to assemble the models and although they're not painted I'm looking forward to my first game. The models went together very well and really look the business.

The starter set includes a Panther and two Shermans with enough spare parts to allow them to be fielded with 75mm or 76mm guns. There's cardboard terrain included in the set and the only disappointment was that there was no play mat.  I'd convinced myself that there was a cheap paper one included, never mind. More soon...


  1. I think those Shermans are in for a tough time 😉

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