Monday, 5 September 2011

New Spanish Civil War Project

Back in the 90's I had an urge to wargame the Spanish Civil War and so a lot of 15mm Peter Pig SCW figures were duly purchased. I based the few that I managed to paint for use with GDW's 'Command Decision', played a couple of games and put them away. A few years later I bought Peter Pig's 'Bayonets and Ideology' as well as the extra figures for two legal lists. I didn't paint any and put them away again.

A few years later still I purchased SMP's 'Blitzkrieg Commander' and though I noticed the SCW lists I only dabbled in 1/300 World War 2. Now that I've moved on to 2nd edition, it seems I'm finally geared up for a return to 1930's Spain.

Last Thursday I based up two Popular Army battalions for the Republicans. The 4 figure Infantry stands are on 50 x 25 mm bases, HQ's on 40 x 40 mm and the CO is on a 50 x 50 mm base.


2 Battalions, each;
9 Infantry Stands
2 HMG Stands

I painted one of the battalions on Friday and textured the bases on Saturday and that's pretty much it so far except that I couldn't resist the urge to finish just one base to see how it would look. So I am able to present the HQ fron the 1st Battalion...

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