Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Caer Cadarn

An Arthurian Battle from Bernard Cornwell's 'Winter King'.
A 'Hordes of the Things' scenario.



A HotT game for two or three players. The Silurian player must read no further. If there are three players then two will be Dumnonian; one initially acting as Umpire/organiser.


Silurian forces under the command of their King, Gundleus, have moved across the border to attack neighbouring Dumnonia. Gundleus hopes to kill the infant King Mordred and seize the throne of Dumnonia for himself.
Earlier today Gundleus destroyed the settlement of Ynys Wydryn and is now in pursuit of around 30 fleeing refugees, one of whom carries Mordred. Gundleus must kill Mordred before he reaches the safety of Caer Cadarn.


For 15mm games the table should be 3' square. The Northern and Western edges are forested and bad-going. Caer Cadarn should be in the centre of the Eastern edge; only the walls and gate need be represented. The rest of the table should be clear/pasture and good going.
Owain's forces enter at point B in column on turn 1, apart from the 2 Horde elements which are set up at A, facing East. Owain has first move.
Arthur's presence is a secret at first. His forces are not initially deployed.
The Silurians set up in the western forest and move second.


The Forces


Dumnonian Defenders - Base camp Caer Cadarn- 24pts - Breakpoint 12

1 Hero General @4 (Owain)
6 Spears @2 (Shieldwall)
2 Shooters @2 (OK, so the book doesn't mention any...)
2 Riders @2 (Light horsemen with javelin/shield)
2 Hordes @1 (One of these includes the infant King Mordred)

The defenders are defeated by reaching breakpoint, or the loss of Caer Cadarn, or the death of either Owain or Mordred. NB. The hordes cannot be regenerated.

Dumnonian Ambushers - No base camp - 24pts - Breakpoint 12

1 Hero General @4 (Arthur, who should be depicted mounted)
4 Knights @2 (Heavy horsemen with spear/shield)
6 Riders @2 (Light horsemen with javelin/shield)

The ambushers are defeated by reaching breakpoint or the death of either Arthur or Mordred.


Silurian Attackers - No base camp - 42pts - Army Breakpoint 21

Silurian Riders - 14pts - Breakpoint 7

1 'Hero' General @4 (Gundleus, who should be depicted mounted with Ladwys)
1 Magician @4 (Tanaburs the Druid, also Mounted)
3 Riders @2 (Light horsemen with javelin/shield)

The riders are defeated by reaching breakpoint or the death of Gundleus.

Silurian Foot - 28pts - Breakpoint 14

1 Shooter General @2 (Drunken Ligessac)
12 Spears @2 (Shieldwall)
1 Warband @2 (Naked fanatics/berserks)

The foot are defeated by reaching breakpoint or the death of either Gundleus or Ligessac.

Silurian breakpoint: Special Rule
If either command is defeated and Gundleus still lives then the two commands merge to form one command with one die for PIPS. This new command is defeated by the death of Gundleus or by reaching Army breakpoint (21).


Victory conditions (or at least conditions for the each side's defeat) are explained above. They're slightly unusual and have a subtle effect on gameplay. If Mordred and Gundleus die in the same turn then it is not a draw, both sides have lost! (Looks like Arthur can be King after all!)
The following points are also relevant:
  • The Hordes move for free, no PIPS required.
  • Gundleus doesn't know which Horde element hides Mordred. Write it under the base.
  • Arthur deploys whenever Owain (the player) chooses.

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