Monday, 29 August 2011

Dust on the Horizon


Goth and Roman forces limp slowly towards each other in the stifling Summer heat. Supplies are low but the area is fertile and there is plenty of forage to be had. Both armies have sent contingents west across the River Plonk to "tax"/raid the local farms. As the armies come face to face these troops have still not returned.

Roman briefing

You are Solar Plexus, Governor of Tibia Province and further from Rome than you ever wanted to be. News has recently been received of a rampaging body of Goths fast approaching your borders and you have set out to meet them with the forces at your disposal. You had hoped to hold the Goths at the border river but your troops are tired and lethargic in the summer heat and have moved too slowly. A number of light troops have been sent foraging to the west and the Goths who are closer than you thought are now upon you.

Battle map

Goth briefing

You are Turmeric the Goth, leader of a small raiding party. You have decided to lay waste to the local Roman province, Tibia, (though if you like it you may settle). Things have gone well and you have managed to cross the border river unopposed and only now have you come across some resistance from local Roman forces. To your embarrassment the Romans have caught you on the hop while many of your men are foraging off to the west. Oh well!

Roman forces and set-up

Deploy in indicated area. One element must be nominated as the general.
3 x 3Cv, 1 x 2LH, 4 x 4Bd.
The Auxilia and Psiloi are off table, foraging.

Goth forces and set-up

Deploy anywhere in indicated area of map. One element must be nominated as the general.
2 x 3Kn, 6 x 4Wb.
Other forces are off table, foraging.

Game play

  1. Players deploy as indicated above.
  2. Both sides have an initial breakpoint of any 3 elements.
  3. Each turn roll 1d6 (not 1d6 each). If the roll is less than the turn number roll on the table below.

Reinforcement table

Both generals will be looking to the west, where there is dust on the horizon, but who is approaching? Reinforcements enter in column where indicated. Roll a further 1d6.
  1. The Roman forces give their Goth counterparts the slip. Breakpoint rises to 4. The Romans recieve 3 x 4Aux, 1 x 2Ps.
  2. After a brief struggle Roman forces arrive from the west. No change to breakpoint. The Romans receive 2 x 4Aux.
  3. No arrivals, roll again on this table next turn.
  4. No arrivals, now or ever. Finish the battle with what you have.
  5. After a brief struggle Goth forces arrive from the west. No change to breakpoint. The Goths receive 2 x 2Ps.
  6. The Goth forces give their Roman counterparts the slip. Breakpoint rises to 4. The Goths recieve 1 x 2LH, 3 x 2Ps.

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