Monday, 29 August 2011

Pipped to the Post!


A Hun raiding force intent on pillaging the soft interior of the nearest Roman province cross the border river and encounter a minimal Roman defence. Local Roman forces are on the scene and must hold out until the mobile reserve arrives.

Roman briefing

You are Solar Plexus, Governor of Tibia Province and further from Rome than you ever wanted to be. News has recently been received of a rampaging body of Huns fast approaching your borders and you have set out to meet them with the local forces at your disposal. You had hoped to hold the Huns at the border river but to your dismay you have been pipped to the post and they are already across. What's more you are considerably outnumbered and there is no sign of your reinforcements. Your mother said it would be like this.

Battle map

Hunnic briefing

You are Horrid the Hun, leader of the Horrid Horde and cousin (twice removed) of Attilla himself. To get in a little practice now that the new campaign season is underway you have decided to lay waste to the local Roman province, Tibia. Things have gone well and you have managed to cross the border river unopposed and only now have you come across some resistance from local Roman forces. You have odds of 2:1 however and plan on moving in to the soft interior shortly.

Roman forces and set-up

Local forces - Enter on road in column on turn 1.
4 x 4Bd (Border legions), 1 x 3Cv (Old style Ala), 1 x 2LH (Local levy?).
Mobile forces - Enter on road in column on a roll of 6 on turn 2; 5-6 on turn 3, etc.
3 x 4Aux (Auxilia Palatina), 1 x 2Ps (Lanciarii?), 2 x 3Cv (Vexillationes).

Hunnic forces and set-up

Deploy anywhere in indicated area of map.
1 x 3Cv (Nobles), 5 x 2LH (Huns), 1 x 4Wb + 2 x 3Kn + 2 x 2Ps (Germans).

Game play

  1. Troops deploy as indicated in set-up above.
  2. The Roman General must be within the local forces.
  3. Break point for Huns is any 4 elements.
  4. Break point for the Roman local forces is 2 elements, rising to 4 elements when the mobile forces arrive.
  5. If the local forces break before the reinforcements arrive then break point for the mobile force is also 2 elements.
  6. Once they have arrived on table the mobile force requires no movement points to move so long as it is still moving in column towards the General. Once within 1,200p of the General it pays points as usual.
The river is difficult (elements must roll 2 or more to cross) and the hill is bad going.


To give the Romans a better chance how about giving the Germans -1 in all combat rolls for lack of enthusiasm?
To swing things back again, give the local forces -1 to reflect their lower status.

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