Thursday, 28 February 2013

Club Night 22nd February - Blitzkrieg Commander

The game that was cancelled last week finally happened. Late WWII BKC in 10mm; British v. German, mostly Pendraken I think (they're Keith's figures). Keith (Vile Hun) v. Barry (More tea Vicar?); me umpiring (again!).


CO (CV9), Recce Sdkfz 232, 2 x JgPz IV, 2 x Pak 40 w. Maultiers
FAO (CV7), 2 x 105mm batteries (off table)
HQ (CV9), 3 x Panther, 3 x Pz IVH
HQ (CV8), 9 x Rifles, 2 x MG, 1 x Mortar


CO (CV9), 2 x 6lb ATG w. Carriers
FAO (CV8), 2 x Priests (off table)
HQ (CV7), 3 x Fireflys, 6 x Cromwells
HQ (CV8), 9 x Rifles, 2 x MG, 1 x Mortar

We only played 4 turns due to a late start, we'll finish next week. We played Encounter and the Brits struggled to get on to the table; for the first two turns they only had the FAO! The Germans had no such problems and swept on to the table and over the half way line with no opposition.

When the British armour finally made it onto the table it was heavily engaged by it's german counterpart and got the worst of the exchange. Both 6lb'ers were quickly detroyed and after two failed attempts to call in a strike the FAO was over run and fled. Oh dear...

The CV7 really hurt Barry until he learned to use his CO to help. He rolled crap all night too!

Some random photos from the game (we don't have any 10mm terrain!). I forgot the camera so they're phone quality.

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