Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Spanish Houses Project

I'd been doing a little every now and again on my 15mm SCW stuff (I really ought to post a few photos to show where I'm at) and I was conscious of the fact that I don't have any suitable 'Spanish' buildings. I always planned I'd buy some but a trip to 'The Range' has changed that...

I came back with 5 A4 sheets of white 5mm foamboard and a new project was born. I need 15mm buildings that I can use for SCW, Mexican-American War and modern skirmishes in Central America. So pretty generic white buildings with terracotta pantiles it is then.

Everything so far is cut from just one of my 5 sheets.


I nearly forgot the chimneys; I found some inspiration for them on the Empress Miniatures site, "Rustic Chimneys". I just need to stick on the corrugated paper to represent the pantiles and then I can paint and base them.

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