Thursday, 17 April 2014

Another Club Night

While I was transferring photos from my phone to my laptop I found these shots of a Napoleonic naval game we played during my blogging hiatus. Recollection of events is hazy at best so these are presented merely as eye candy rather than a batrep.

All the ships are 1/2400 from Hallmark and the rules used were Grand Fleet Actions in the Age of Sail which have taken over from FLoB II as my go to rules. Keith and Barry played the Royal Navy and I think John and Tom looked after the French (?)

 The French windward squadron...

... and the leeward squadron.

The Royal Navy advance in fine style, Keith leading.

First fire...

Keith brings his squadron alongside the crapauds...

... achieving remarkably little!

Here comes Barry...

He ignores the unengaged French squadron and crosses the T of Keith's squadron, totally blocking him!

Emergency turns and collisions ensue!

The general melee.

At the end of the session things were pretty balanced. The melee was breaking up as squadrons broke out and reformed in preparation for a second pass at the enemy. Unfortunately I was ill the following week and in my absence the table had to be cleared for another game so we never finished.

I believe Vice Admiral Barry was court martialled and executed...

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