Saturday, 19 April 2014

This Weekend's Challenge - Painting Menoth for Warmachine

One of the new projects I mentioned a few posts ago is a small Menoth army for Privateer Press' game Warmachine. Sean bought some starter sets a while back (and I bought the rules) but the game didn't 'take' at the club and was forgotten... by everyone but Sean.

Sean never gave up and returned to the club last month with his painted starter sets and put Keith and myself through our paces; Cygnar vs. Cryx. Keith still didn't bite but I've gone for it in a big way (typically).

I snapped up over £200 worth of Menoth stuff in an Ebay auction for £82 plus postage. It was well packed but still felt like assembling a 3D jigsaw when it arrived because I can't tell Menoth arse from Menoth elbow at the moment... (Heresy!)

After sorting I had the Mk II rules, the expansion Wrath, the Menoth faction guide, the official counters and lot's of figures.

Warcasters: Kreoss and Thyra; Jacks: Castigator and 2 x Revenger (and a Merc. Gunbunny); Solo: Nicia; Units: 6 x Choir, 6 x Knights Exemplar, 6 x Flameguard, 6 x Deliverers. Unfortunately the commander of the Flameguard seems to have a Relic Sword instead of a Flamespear but I can live with that for £82...

Why is this a 'weekend challenge'? Sean is coming around for a game on Tuesday and I am too snobby to play with unpainted figures. 15pts will be painted for Tuesday, 25pts if I can. Let the challenge commence.

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