Monday, 14 April 2014

Strange Aeons.

Well eons have certainly passed since I last updated this blog. Sad to say I fell off the wagon and succumbed once more to my World of Tanks addiction. Wargaming continued apace with regular games on Fridays, just no blogging (and precious little painting or modeling either.)

Still, I have now kicked the habit once more and have started to resume my hobby activities. I've started a few new things that deserve their own posts, more on those later in the week, and resurrected a few old projects.

My mate Sean has been more active at the club lately so we've been Peter Pigging it occasionally. I've joined the PBI play test group and have plans for a Square Bashing set up in 10mm.

First shot, PBI - Germans v. Americans in 1944. Second shot, SB - Germans v. French in 1914.

Armies of Arcana has taken over the fantasy side of things at the club with almost everyone abandoning Warhammer. We started small with a couple of Dwarf v. Elf games without magic, worked our way through tournament sizes games up to 4000 point multiplayer games. Next stop, filling our 11' x 6' table with all the toys we can fit in?

A few shots of our escalating AoA games in no particular order because I can't make my tablet put them in the right order... (If you want to see these games done justice then checkout Stoke Rogue's blog in the side menu; he started blogging more or less when I stopped.)

There were many more games from Saga through Epic Armageddon to Black Powder and Warmachine, etc, etc, but when I stopped blogging the photos stopped too so all record is lost. I did manage to find a couple of photos on my phone that are worth posting though. One shows that FoG games in our group are not actually a myth, 15mm Carthaginian v. Republican Romans; the other is of a large battalion level Battlegroup Overlord game that the lads in the backroom at the club ran for us. This baby ran for weeks and was gorgeous, Brits v. Germans in June 1944.

More soon, ie. not in 12 months...

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  1. Blimey, you're making me feel bad about my lack of blogging activity! We demand more and I might even start again.