Saturday, 19 April 2014

Club Night 18th April - Hammerin' Iron

(Bugger! I just accidentally deleted the photos from last nights game... Sean's ships are lovely too!)

Sean acted as a non-playing game master for a session of Peter Pig's Hammerin' Iron leaving Dave to play the Confederates against Keith and myself as the emancipators. Dave had the mighty CSS Virginia and the tiny ram CSS Planter. Keith had the CSS Chillicothe and the monitor Keokuk at his disposal while I just had the CSS Tuscumbia to look after.

Both fleets went straight at each other, though the Keokuk was in a bad position and spent most of the game going around an island to come up behind the 'feds. Planter managed an early ram on Chillicothe but damaged herself almost as badly. She then went on to disable one of Keokuk's turrets but shortly after her guns were all shot away, she started to burn and finally Tuscumbia sent her to the bottom.

The star of the show was the Virginia who focussed fire on the Chillicothe whenever possible in an attempt to even the numbers. Once the Planter had been turned into the latest Confederate submarine all the Union ships concentrated on the Virginia and the battle become one of firepower and attrition with very little movement.

The Chillicothe was soon very battered and in danger of sinking. Keith commented on how none of the light guns on either side had managed to do any damage in the entire battle; shortly before just such a gun sank the brave Chillicothe.

It was too little, too late for the Virginia which was in a terrible state by this point. She switched fire to the other two Union ships finally causing damage to the still fresh Tuscumbia but under a withering fire that would have soon sunk her she was forced to strike and was captured.

Goodbye USS Chillicothe and hello to the new USS Merrimack!

Thanks Sean, great game. Can't believe I deleted the photo's...

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