Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A Basing We Will Go...

Until recently I was using GW Graveyard Earth for all my basing but then they stopped making it. Bugger. (This is the second time they've stitched me up; I'm not commiting to their new range).

I managed to scout out half a dozen pots* for matching in with old projects but I needed something similar for new projects. After all, my whole table is based on this scheme.

At WMMS a few weeks ago I scouted through all the different paint ranges that were available. Research had told me I should be looking at Game Colour 72062 Earth but on closer inspection Model Colour 70873 US Field Drab was a much better match. There was an amusing situation where I was 'stopped for shoplifting' as I put my GW sample back in my bag. Soon explained away...

The Stone Golems were the first thing based with my new discovery and yesterday I based a few of my older Bolt Action 1/72 WWII tanks. I know basing vehicles is a matter of taste; I like the look either away. Based vehicles are just that little more robust in storage and less likely to sidescrape paint off each other.


 Sherman platoon inc. Firefly

Stug IIIG's

These aren't the only things I've based today. More tomorrow...

*and 20 pots of Ogryn Flesh Wash :)

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