Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Salute 2013 - A Show Report - Part 2

The last photo's:

5 Go on Holiday? And burn and pillage a Trojan town?

A large Waterloo game. That's Napoleon top left, honest.

Wolsung skirmish board, a very well filled 2' x 2'.

Ninja skirmish game.

Mars and... Martians. Oh, and Earthmen.

Japanese castle siege.

Hordes and Heroes. Medieval in the foreground, Dark Ages behind.

Stoke Wargames Group's Wargods of Aegyptus skirmish game.

New fantasy skirmish game system and model range, Twilight.

Snit, from Dragon Magazine. I love it.

Sound El Deguello. Oh, too late. Mexicans parade around the Alamo.

Da Clash! Intriguing.

54mm action from Victrix. Gorgeous.

Back home by 9.30 p.m. and my lift is already sorted for next year...

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