Thursday, 4 April 2013

Wars of the Roses Skirmish Project

In a previous post I mentioned a bit of fund raising, flogging stuff on Ebay. Some of the money went on a couple of boxes of Perry Miniatures Wars of the Roses Miniatures. I've not mentioned this previously as it was going to be a surprise for one Friday at the club but Jason has started a WotR project so I've let the cat out of the bag.

Where Jason is thinking of big battles I'm only looking at a small skirmish set up. I'm going to use the free Savage Showdown rules to run a fictional narrative campaign between two feuding families in the area in which I live, the Deaville and Delves families. Each family will start with the contents of one box of figures; mercenaries and mounted men-at-arms will feature later.

I assembled the first box weeks ago, before the inevitable distraction from other projects, but only got around to painting some of them this weekend while away in my caravan. I've just finished the men-at-arms and the billmen for the Deaville family and started on the archers. Here's what I've managed so far.

Sir Thomas Deaville and his son Sir Mark Deaville (Wild cards)

Sir Ernest Hobson and Sir Gary Pointon (Wild cards)
Sergeants Jackson and Reeves (Wild cards)



Butt cam

The mould line on Sir Thomas' head is almost invisible... except when side lit by direct sunlight! Archers on the way.

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