Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bolt Action Progress II

A final push on the painting yesterday, followed by basing this morning means the next batch of 1/72 WWII goodies are ready to present to the world. They're a little darker than I wanted but not as dark as the photo's suggest. These should see their first game of Bolt Action next Friday so look forward to a battle report...

Pz IVH platoon - camo. based on a Google search but absent the green on yellow spots that I put on my Stug IIIG's.

Recce: Sdkfz 250 and Sdkfz 222 - camo. copied from my prepainted Jagdpanther.

The Pak 40 finally gets a tow; a Maultier halftrack. I went for a '2 men were given 2 paint tins, 2 brushes and 10 minutes' look to the camo. as it wouldn't normally be factory applied on softskins. You can see how the Model Colour US Drab (Maultier) is a great match for GW Graveyard Earth (gun and crew) on the bases, as mentioned in my previous post. I wish I could remember how I did the yellow on the gun...

Finally, the Daimler Dingo recce armoured car. How long will he live on Friday?

I remember reading a quote from a soldier in a British recce. squadron based in W. Germany in the 80's. He basically said that if the Cold War went hot it would be his job to mount up and go locate the Warsaw Pact troops and that from that time his life expectancy was estimated at 10 minutes. Grim.

In the next week I should get some more Wars of the Roses stuff painted and my first game of Armies of Arcana in, so lots coming to this blog soon.

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