Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bolt Action Progress

The Britannia Miniatures order that I mentioned a few weeks ago has finally been assembled ready for painting. Resin and metal is a pain in the arse compared to plastic but they went together well enough. The Germans are getting a Maultier to tow the Pak 40, a recce. Sdkfz 222 AC and a recce. Sdkfz 250. Once I've bought a box of PSC Sdkfz 251D's the 250 will carry a platoon HQ. The British lost out and only got a Daimler Dingo AC. Still, it's cute...

And this is why I've only just assembled the resin stuff, I wanted to paint them at the same time as these beauties. A platoon of Pz IVH's from PSC. The models go together really well; they're quality figures. The instructions were crap however, as is the norm for PSC unfortunately.

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