Monday, 4 March 2013

Club Night 1st March - Blitzkrieg Commander

We finished early last Friday, a couple of players needed to get up early next day. We should have played on as as it turned out the game only had one and a half turns left in it.

Things went from bad to worse for poor Barry and the Brits. The superior CV of the German Panzer HQ allowed order after order after order to get through; a double 1 (2 actions from one order) helped too. Keith went first in turn 6, further carnage taking Barry past army Break Point. Barry failed his CV9 check to carry on so game over.

No story to tell as such, it was more like an execution in a Polish wood, so the photos are just a chance to show off Keith's gorgeous figures. (I remembered my camera...)


This game reminded me of an early East Front game of BKC that almost put another friend, Sean, off BKC forever. BKC absolutely does NOT work with a discrepancy in CV values across the forces. I'll remember this in future. It might be OK to have the odd poor HQ in bigger games with many commands but games this size are ruined. I hope Barry will play again...


  1. Looks excellent. Are those 15mm or 10mm?


  2. Very nice indeed

    Take care