Sunday, 17 March 2013

Club Night 15th March - Nowt doing

Due to us being a disorganised bunch of muppets there was no action in our room ('The Stoke Rogues') at the club this week so I had a chance to nosey around the other rooms and see what was going on. There's normally six active rooms at the club but one is temporarily out of action due to building work and our room is full of their junk so we're down to one table for a couple of weeks.

All of the rooms are a little 'cliquey' and there's not much moving around between them other than for a quick natter. Here's a few snaps to show what was happening at the club this week.

In the 'War Room' they were starting a Fredericksburg ACW game in 15mm. They ran the game at WMMS last week and wanted to finish this time. It took most of the evening to set up but they got a couple of turns in.

(Pork sausages anyone?)

In the 'Colin Salt' room they were preparing for Salute. They will be running a fantasy / dungeon crawl participation game using the Wargods of Aegyptus rules.

The 'Grognards' were playing a 15mm Napoleonic game using Age of Eagles. I have no idea if this was a historical peninsula action or a work of fiction, I should have asked. The 'Grognards' were the fellas who ran the Spartivento game at WMMS last week.

Finally, in 'the room with no name that I'm aware of' some Bulge action. 15mm FoW. Not my cup of tea but it looks really good.

Imagine how much variety can be found at Stoke Wargames Group when all six rooms are in action!

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