Sunday, 10 March 2013

WMMS 2013 - A show report - Part 1

I trotted off to 'Alumwell' today for a chance to spend some cash at a (reasonably) local show. I've been going to this show, though not always this venue, for years and never been disappointed. It was well attended though not overcrowded. I'm not sure how well some of the traders were doing but I tried to help them out a little...
The rest of my report is just a succession of eye-candy from the demo games (sorry if your's isn't here, my batteries died).
First up, Guildford Courthouse from the AWI in 15mm, put on by a few ex-members of Stoke Wargames Group (SWG).

More AWI from a BoS (bunch of strangers), Gibson Hill in 28mm.

Jason and some other nice chaps from SWG put on a Fredericksburg demo (ACW) in 15mm. Good stuff...

Another BoS put on a WWII game using the new Overlord expansion to Battlegroup Kursk in 20mm. Lovely.


A rather busy 1st Day at Gettysburg in 28mm from another BoS.

Operation Caravan; the LRDG raid on Barce. In 20mm by a BoS.

Legends of the Old West in 28mm.

28mm WWII Bolt Action game in 28mm. Nice.

My favourite. 28mm SCW using Empress Miniatures and A World Aflame (?) rules. Gorgeous.

That's enough for now. Part 2 to follow. Is there a limit on file storage on these Blogger accounts? I must find out...

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