Sunday, 10 March 2013

WMMS 2013 - A show report - Part 2

Ok. Here's the rest of the eye candy...

One last shot of the spectacular 28mm SCW game. Drool.

Peter Pig's Square Bashing participation game. 15mm WWI.

War and Conquest demo / participation game. Greek on Greek action in 28mm. (Ooer!)

This one was pretty cool. Weird War II in 15mm with Clockwork Goblin's accessory kits and walkers added on to other companies tanks. Brilliant.

Fictional AWI in 28mm from some random BoS.

If this 15mm ACW battle had a name it has been lost in the Mists of Time.

A John Carter on Mars game. No, only joking. A very interesting French in Indo-China game in 10mm using Cold War Commander. It gave Sean 'ideas'.

A gorgeous 28mm Napoleonic skirmish game but, yawn, it was a snorefest with nothing moving that I could see.

Stout fellows from the SWG also put on this 1/3000 WWII naval game. 'Action off Cape Spartivento'.

Battlegroup Kursk in 20mm. Another snorefest. The combatants were all only 12" on to the table by home time. What a wasted day. 

And finally a FoW game in 15mm with the usual 1914 infantry tactics and wheel to wheel tanks reminding me why I wouldn't touch this game with a barge pole. (Sorry FoW fans...)
Purchases? A box of Pz IV's in 1/72 from PSC, some paint and a lovely Celtic village in 15mm off the bring and buy. I'll post some shots after I've touched up a little damage... All in all a good day. Thanks Charles for the lift there and to Sean for getting me back.

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